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Peter Petrou Fitness Surry Hills - Personal Training Studio Surry Hills

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FOR SINGLES: $60 for the first session, $40 for any subsequent session
COUPLES: $100 for the first session, $50 for any subsequent session*     

*offer valid to new clients only, conditions apply

Peter Petrou Fitness


0403 830 867


Peter Petrou Fitness





PT Studio Surry Hills - PT Surry Hills

Business Description
At Peter Petrou fitness my aim is to provide top quality training at a price everyone can afford. I don't think that just because you can afford to live in the Eastern Suburbs means you should be charged exorbitant prices for your health and fitness needs.

Who Am I?
I am a former professional boxer and elite Australian amateur representative and ran the boxercise classes at Paddington PCYC from 1994 until it closed in 2001 on retiring from boxing I decided to dedicate myself to developing my PT business and use my athletic experience to help people get fit and realise their weight loss goals.

What do I do?
I specialize in boxing training, weights training, weight loss & women's fitness including exercise during pregnancy and post partum training. I am also a totally qualified children's trainer and I ran the boxing training at Matraville sports high school in 2008.

Where am I based?
I am based in Surry Hills in a central location that's an easy walk from Central station and also handy for parking.

How I will get you in shape?
The first & possibly the most important thing I try to install in my clients is core conditioning. Core conditioning refers to the development of a strong, stable and functioning torso and is crucial for maintaining good posture and preventing back pain. In addition, it improves the "aesthetics" of the torso and helps individuals to reach their peak physical performance. A stable core provides the "foundation" for all other movements and must be established prior to other activities such as weight training and aerobic exercises.

The second thing is, that the combination of weight training, aerobic exercise and sound eating habits have shown to be the most effective for fat loss and toning. Which is why for clients who contact me in order to lose weight and tone up I generally recommend they do a combination of boxing and weights training. The boxing to give you your quota of cardiovascular training and the weights to assist you in building lean muscle mass and assist in speeding up your resting metabolic rate.

Facilities & Services
Peter Petrou fitness caters for individuals, pairs and groups of 4 or more with all sessions lasting for 1 hour. Peter Petrou fitness caters to individual client needs and custom designs programs, which are updated regularly in order to maintain your improvement and interest. Mostly I train clients in my fully equipped, personal home gym and private backyard area. The big bonus is my clients don't have to pay gym fees or queue to use equipment. Complete privacy and 100% attention in a friendly, professional setting.

All clients receive my monthly newsletter that features some of the latest fitness, diet and nutrition news.

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Personal Trainer Surry Hills - Personal Training Surry Hills


Peter Petrou Fitness

0403 830 867

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Servicing all of Surry Hills & surrounding areas.


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